Olivine Sparkling range is the new name for our old Traditional Method Sparkling range. Back when my Dide` (means grandfather in Yugoslav) was the winemaker, he made a carbonated wine called Olivine. Dide` named the wine after the semi-precious stone, Olivine, which has an olive green colour, very similar to the colour of the bottles that the wine was packaged in. I’m pretty proud of my family’s history and thought Olivine would be another way to keep our family’s history living. We have sealed the Olivine range with a stainless steel crown seal, which will guarantee that your wine will definitely taste how it should do and will have as many bubbles as the day we bottled it!!  We’ve figured out that we handle each bottle around 40 times between filling the bottle and selling the bottle, so there’s been a lot of TLC gone into each bottle of the Olivine wines!