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Welcome to the world of what goes into Gemma’s glass at 20% off & Free Shipping. Selecting 12 bottles of my favourite Ofw wines wasn’t hard, at first I had selected 12 Petit Verdot but was told I needed to add a few others. If you have met me in the cellar door you will know I have an absolute love for our Petit Verdot so that’s why there are two bottles in this selection; it’s something a little different but delightfully delicious.
I’m a real mood drinker I have to be in the right mood for the right wine so when I’m wanting to celebrate, a bottle of our Olivine Brut will always be popped, when sitting down ready to watch a movie it will be our Chardonnay that I reach for. Coming from New Zealand I had a real Sauvignon Blanc pallet until I got my taste buds hooked on Swan Valley reds. I hope you enjoy a few of my Ofw favourites.

1. Olivine Brut

2. Viognier

3. Chardonnay

4. Aged Chenin

5. Tempranillo

6. Petit Verdot

7. Malbec

8. Durif

9. Petit Verdot

10. Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

11. Semillon Oaked

12. Cabernet Franc

20% off & Free Shipping