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This wine was chosen for oak maturation for its incredibly intense fruit characteristics and vibrant youthfulness. Fresh and vibrant in its infancy, this wine will continue to improve in the oak barrel for many many years to come, gradually darkening in colour and developing intense toffee and molasses characters. Please note that this is an unfiltered barrel sample and may develop a slight sediment over time, which is normal for fortified wines. Due to the barrel size aging is approximately five times faster. eg. Age for 2 years and your wine will seem older in character, more akin to a 10 year old fortified.

The kit comes complete with a 5 litre oak barrel, plus 5 litres of Pedro Ximenez fortified wine.

Colour: Deep amber hues.
Nose: Sweet nose of lifted marmalade, ripe apricots, peaches and cream.
Palate: Sweet and viscous, delicate yet vibrant marmalade and mandarin fruits linger in the mouth before a long, warm finish.
Drink: Once the barrel is filled we recommend you leave the Pedro for a good 12-24 months before tasting. Patience is the key with this little beauty.

Residual Sugar: 120+g per litre

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