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Stari is our latest release in our ever growing fortified range. My family’s (Yurisich) ownership of Olive Farm dates back to 1933 when Ivan Yurisich - my Stari Dide` (old grandfather in ‘Slav, pronounced dida), purchased the property after emigrating from Korcula, Yugoslavia. Stari Dide’s humble beginning started by making fortified, which has grown and developed over 4 generations of Yurisich winemakers.

The fortified wines made by my father, dide` and stari dide` have been blended with my own to create this unique and rare wine. Over the years, our fortified have been made from Muscat, Verdelho, Tokay and Pedro, all of which have been used in this blend. 

There aren't too many 4 generation wines available, so this one is definitely worth a taste!

Colour: Deep tawny hues.
Nose: Intense toffee and molasses.
Palate: Thick and rich with an abundance of flavours; honey, chocolate, toffee, caramel. The list goes on and on. The flavours build in the mouth and finish with a great lingering sensation.
Drink: Room temperature 15-18°C.

Residual Sugar: 120+g per litre